Cooler temps are finally here! Yay! So, how can you cut down on home operating costs?

1)Stop wasting money by running your heat and air inconsistently when temperatures fluctuate.

2)Turn off your thermostats and open the windows. Let the cool breeze cool things down.

3)Use your Virtual Keypad app to set your thermostats to a daily schedule.

4)Quickly adjust your thermostat directly from your phone. Don’t wait until you mosey on by the thermostat.

5)If your windows have contacts, turn on notifications. You will receive a push notification any time a window is opened. If any window (or zone) is left ajar when you arm your system, you’ll be informed. Keep your family, heating, and air secure inside your home.

6)You won’t forget to turn off your porch light in the morning if you add the exterior lights to a schedule.

7)Open the curtains and let natural light fill the room.

8)Program lamps to come on during set times, such as during coffee time or right before bed.