1.) Real and artificial Christmas trees can pose a fire risk. Always turn off your Christmas lights before leaving the house or going to bed. Use a zwave device to automate the lights on a convenient schedule or unplug the tree. 2.) Never go to sleep with a burning fireplace. 3.) Below-freezing temperatures can lead to frozen pipes, resulting in flood damage. Install a Wireless Temperature Sensor and Flood Detector to avoid a flood emergency. The device also detects extreme temperature ranges and is integrated with your Virtual Keypad app and DMP alarm system. 4.) Don’t leave deliveries on your porch or “big” boxes in your trash bin by the road. The less attention the better when it comes to thieves surveying the area. 5.) Do not post your travel plans online. If no one is home, leave a lamp and exterior light on to give the impression your house is occupied. Lights, well-maintained landscaping, and security yard signs are all great burglar deterrents.