The Springfield Police Department has a new vehicle in its fleet – not a cruiser, not a motorcycle – an ice cream truck. The mission of SPD’s ‘Cold Patrol’? To protect and serve frozen treats. Modeled after similar projects launched by police departments in St. Louis and Boston, SPD officers will use the Cold Patrol to connect to and engage with citizens, especially children, as part of department’s community policing philosophy.

The Springfield Police Foundation awarded a truck to the Department which, fully outfitted, is valued at $16,500. The Walmart Foundation donated $10,000 directly toward the purchase of the truck which was purchased locally at Wheeler Auto. Wheeler Auto outfitted the box truck with the equipment needed to convert it to a working ice cream truck as an in-kind donation to the Foundation and the SPD. Hiland Dairy has committed to providing up to $2,000 worth of ice cream for the officers to “serve” annually.

“We are grateful to the Springfield Police Foundation and the generous donors who are making this all possible,” said Police Chief Paul Williams. “This fun and unique tool will give our officers the opportunity to interact with people, especially kids, without the chaos of a crisis that usually draws a police presence.”

The Cold Patrol will visit neighborhoods unannounced like the successful foot patrol program that the Department began in northwest Springfield in 2016.

“We want families to see their local police officers as approachable people who are here to help whenever needed,” said Williams. “We look at this as one more way to help us bridge any gaps

that may exist between officers and the citizens we serve and protect every day.”


The Cold Patrol will be parked directly north of Historic City Hall at 6 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 16, just prior to the City Council meeting. Media is welcome.

About the Springfield Police Foundation | The Springfield Police Foundation was established in 2015 in Springfield, Missouri. Our mission is to provide critical resources for innovative programs that support the mission of the Springfield Police Department and enhance our community. The vision of the foundation is to foster public safety through community building, education and outreach. The Springfield Police Foundation is a broad-based community non-profit that provides resources to support the needs of the Springfield Police Department.

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Wheeler Auto  |  Wheeler Auto was founded in May 2000 by Kirk Wheeler, a former new car and new boat dealer in Springfield, Missouri. It is located at 1610 E. St. Louis in Springfield. Wheeler has received national recognition for customer service and customer satisfaction from American Honda Motor Company, General Motors and Mazda.

Media Contact: Lisa Cox, Public Affairs Officer
Release authorized by: Chief Paul Williams