Please beware of door-to-door scams.

Recently, we have had calls reporting a man coming to their front door claiming he is an Atlas Security employee, and that he was there to look at their system.


The customers called us here at Atlas to verify this mans’ employment.
And in fact, he does not work for us!


Please make sure that you keep an eye out for people that claim to be with Atlas Security.
Look for the following things to verify that you are dealing with an Atlas Security representative/technician:
1. Atlas vehicle with Atlas logo
2. Atlas Apparel
3. Atlas credentials (Name Badge with Lanyard, or Name Badge)
4. Atlas business card


Atlas Security will never show up unannounced with claims of needing to upgrade security systems. Our sales and installation team are by appointment only in regards to upgrades and service.


Examples of Atlas Security Sales Representative/Technician and vehicles.
If you are ever in question, please call our office 417-831-2866 to verify a persons’ employment, or contact the authorities.