Wireless Graphic Touchscreen Keypad

The Award Winning Graphic Touchscreen keypad is now available in a wireless model. Giving you a new and better way to control your Atlas Security system whether for basic arming and disarming, or more advanced features such as Z-Wave control. You can also see real-time Z-Wave® status, energy usage and weather from your keypad!

Exactly like the popular Graphic Touchscreen Wired keypads…except now it’s wireless

All system features and functions can be accessed via the carousel menu on the large, 5-inch full-color touchscreen. Each keypad includes a proximity reader for codeless arming/disarming. With optional Z-Wave modules added to the system, customers can adjust lights, lock exterior doors and control their heating and cooling system.

The Atlas Security Touchscreen includes the Favorites feature that lets you combine security and multiple home automation functions. The Favorites feature allows users to program multiple devices to all respond to a single command. For example, a favorite command could lock the exterior doors and close the garage door, then adjust the temperature and dim the lights in the family room to the desired level. Favorites can also be placed in a panel schedule. With Favorite Actions, panels can be programmed to trigger outputs upon arming and disarming events.