What if my business or home loses power this week during the planned outages?

If your home or business loses power your Atlas Security system (security/door access/fire) will revert to the built-in backup battery to keep the system active.

Will I get a call?

Due to a large number of planned power outages from utility companies in our area we have activated our emergency storm mode. What this means if you are a customer is that you may not receive a call from our Central Station regarding a power loss today. We activate this system in order to keep security, medical, and fire alarms as the highest priority and to ensure the fastest response times for these types of alarm signals.

If you have our Virtual Keypad App you will still receive a push notification of power losses and restorals on your Atlas Security system.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

(417) 831-2866 orĀ customercare@atlassecurity.com