Warming up your car?

You run the risk of thieves stealing your vehicle.

As cooler weather sets in, you might be tempted to warm up your vehicle but leaving it running while unattended is an invitation for thieves. To reduce your risk, consider the following tips to keep your vehicle and belongings safe:

• Remove the keys from the vehicle and always lock the doors.

• Install a remote start system.

• Use a spare key to lock doors or use a push to start feature if so equipped.

• Don’t hide a spare key somewhere on the outside of the vehicle (they are easy to locate).

• Don’t invite a break-in by leaving things in plain sight in the vehicle. Remove them or secure them out of sight.

• When possible, park in well lighted areas.

• If the vehicle is an older model, replace the standard door lock shafts with ones that are tapered.


Photo by Juha Lakaniemi