Conveniently control your security system and connect devices through the Virtual Keypad App with skills for Alexa and Google Assistant! This is a great way for you to arm your Atlas Security system, easily control your alarm system, and your connected devices like Z-Wave Home Automation.

Command Examples
    • “Tell Virtual Keypad to arm my system.”
    • “Tell Virtual Keypad to arm my system home.”
    • “Tell Virtual Keypad to arm my system away.”
    • “Tell Virtual Keypad to arm my system sleep.”
    • “Tell Virtual Keypad to arm my system all.”
    • “Tell Virtual Keypad to arm my system perimeter.”
    • “Activate (favorite name).”
    • “Turn on (light name).” or “Alexa, turn off (light name).”
    • “Turn on (light name) to (percentage).”
    • “Lock my (lock name).”
    • “Set my (upstairs) thermostat temperature to (degree).”

Devices with Alexa
  • Echo
  • Echo Dot
  • Echo Plus
  • Echo Spot
  • Echo Show

Click Here: Alexa – Virtual Keypad Skill

Devices with Google Assistant
  • Android 6.0+ watches
  • Android 6.0+ TVs
  • Google Home
  • Android 5.0+ phones
  • iOS 10.0+ devices
  • Headphones
  • Chromebook
  • Smart Displays
  • Android 6.0+ tablets

Click Here: Google Assistant – Virtual Keypad Skill


Control Your Alarm System Using Siri® with the Virtual Keypad App

If you use an Apple® iPhone®, you no doubt have prompted Siri® to answer a question. With the latest Virtual Keypad™ update for iOS, you can also use Siri to control several basic functions of your DMP security system. Set up is easy; simply go to Settings > Siri Shortcuts to access and create your Siri shortcuts.

Siri can activate your Favorites, as well as arm or disarm your system. For instance, after “Hey Siri,” say one of these phrases to select an arming type:

  • “Arm my system home.”
  • “Arm my system sleep.”
  • “Arm my system away.”
  • “Arm my system all.”
  • “Arm my system perimeter.”

Previously, DMP released home automation and smart assistant compatibility with Virtual Keypad and Apple TV® and Amazon® Alexa®. Now add Apple’s Siri to the list.

Expanded Temporary User Support

“If you’re walking out the door, and you don’t have time to arm your system, have Siri do it for you,” says Clayton Tummons, vice president of software for SecureCom Wireless. “That’s the beauty of voice-controlled smart assistant — it’s a shortcut for managing routine system features.”

Virtual Keypad app updates are available for download, free of charge, from the Google Play™ store and the App Store®.