Using the Virtual Keypad, you can set your Favorites to activate along with specific system events. Custom Actions gives users more options for creating actions, such as a Favorite that activates or deactivates Z-Wave devices within a specific timeframe. Video Actions gives you the option to record clips when specific events occur like arming/disarming and access control events on XR systems.

Custom Actions are similar to System Actions but operate on an if-this-then-that basis.

For example: When my system is armed away, activate my “turn off all lights” Favorite.

What makes Custom Actions different is that they extend the functionality of System Actions; in addition to being able to activate a Favorite, you can also configure individual Z-Wave device states (lock my front door, set my thermostat to 68°), lock and unlock doors and toggle outputs. Additionally, your “if” part can also be based on the state of a zone (when my back door opens). Custom Actions can also be scheduled.

Another example would be when the hallway motion detector activates after 10 p.m., turn on the living room lamp for 10 minutes.

DMP Spotlight – Custom Actions from DMP Alarms on Vimeo.