Your security system doesn’t just include wall-to-wall protection and access control. Security signage could be the first thing a burglar notices and can help reduce criminal activity. Signage indicates your building is secure, monitored, and protected. Signs serve as a warning and deterrent.

Placement is key.

If your business is a stand-alone building, places to position your signs include the driveway entry, front lawn, rear entry, sides of the building, along a wall or fence line, and near your front entry. You want your yard sign to be seen from the road. Consider traffic flow. Put security stickers on every door, especially high traffic entry and exit ways.

For business suites, your entryway door is what most people see first. Ground-floor windows are the easiest to access, so place stickers on lower windows and keep merchandise out of view. Make sure your business is well lit at night.

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