SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Springfield Police are warning residents about a so-called “pigeon drop” scam.

They say they’ve received two reports where elderly females have been targeted on public parking lots over what’s believed to be found money.

The victim is approached by a suspect (see local suspect descriptions below) who presents a bag containing a large sum of found money and asks the victim if the money belongs to her. When the victim says no, the second suspect approaches them and portrays herself as a passerby who plays along with the scam.

After the suspect has presented the money to the victim, she convinces the victim that she has spoken with a “professional” (who is alleged to be her supervisor at another location) and they all can have part of the large sum of money if they pay the taxes and attorney fees up front for the processing and splitting of the money.

The suspect then asks the victim to drive to her bank and withdraw the needed funds from her account. When the money is given, the suspect tells the victim to speak with their manager in a specified location and when the victim leaves to speak with the manager, the suspects leave with the money.

The SPD is encouraging anyone who comes in contact with any individuals claiming to have found money on a lot and approaches you about the money to immediately decline and report the individual(s) to the SPD at 864-1810 or 869-TIPS.

In both cases, the suspects are described as follows:

– W/F, 30’s, 5’5″, 160-180 pounds
– Brown or dark blonde short hair, curled a bit or black straight hair
– Wearing a nice dress
– May have been carrying some type of cash bag of some type when she first entered the area
– May have had a slight Southern accent

– B/F, 35-40 yrs, 5’5″, “slim”, 150-160 pounds
– Short hair feathered all around with dyed red tint
– Wearing a nice dress
– Gold purse and shoes, lots of jewelry
– No distinct accent