Quick Tips to Make Your Smart Home Smarter with Virtual Keypad App

1. Adjust Your Thermostat Schedule Temps are on the rise, so modify your automated thermostat schedule to keep your home comfortable day and night. Pro Tip – Create a delayed custom action in your Virtual Keypad app to automatically turn off your HVAC system if a door or window is left open for too long. That way you can enjoy the nice weather without having to think twice about shutting off systems.

2. Adjust Your Outdoor Lighting Schedule Longer days and warmer weather usually means more time spent outdoors. Better lighting can accommodate for kids playing outside til dusk, grilling dinner with family, or dog walks after dark.

3. Chime Feature If you have little ones at home who love to go outside, the chime feature on your keypad can be a life saver! When Chime is ON, you’ll hear an alert from your keypad if a door opens. Chime extenders are available for rooms out of listening reach of your keypad.