Security cameras are an important part of your home security solution, serving multiple purposes. Home surveillance increases your safety, offers peace of mind, keeps you connected to family and pets, and promotes productivity around the home.

Here are multiple ways you and your family can use and benefit from video surveillance: ●      Your family’s safety is top priority. Cameras can be a deterrent for burglars. ●      View and monitor traffic outside your home and on your street. ●      Monitor and track package deliveries with video push notifications and video clips. ●      Receive video doorbell alerts with two-way voice communication when guests arrive. ●      View a live activity feed. ●      Keep an eye on children playing outside. ●      Obtain video footage if a zone is unexpectedly tripped. ●      Look after pets while you’re away. ●      Cameras can be a source of entertainment around the holidays. Use your camera to catch Santa!