There are major differences between a professionally integrated security system and DIY.

Understanding how a system works on the backend can help you determine which fits your needs. A professional system delivers straightforward communication so you know exactly what you’re getting. When considering a DIY system, it is important to do your research.

We’ve outlined some technical questions to help with fact-finding:

● Are all components UL listed?

● What vulnerabilities exist?

○ Is the wireless technology secure?

○ What is the company’s reputation?

○ What happens if they go out of business?

● How does the system communicate?

○ Can the system’s frequency be copied?

○ How often does it check-in?

● What redundancy tactics ensure alarm signals are monitored, received, and acted upon?

Professional setup provides several layers of protection joining intrusion, fire, access control, cellular, and network communication.

Please feel free to contact us today with any questions you may have or to see which option fits your home or your business.

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