Home Security
Layers of Protection

When thinking about home security, there are some easy steps to make any home more secure. Try to think of your home as an onion and not an egg. Multiple layers of protection is always better than one. Here are some prime examples;

1.  The appearance of your home is always the first line of defense.

  •  Strategic lighting with timers designed to make it appear some one is home.
  • Trim the bushes around the foundation of the home below 3′ to limit hiding places.
  • Eliminate devices like ladders or anything the intruder can use to gain entry into your home
  • An alarm or neighborhood watch sign, is a major factor in an intruders decision making.

2. Points of entry into the home are crucial.

  • Doors should fit snuggly and you should not be able to see the door locking tongue.
  • The locks themselves should be modern and solid. Replace old locks with “Bump proof” locks.
  • Remove doggy doors or louvered windows. These are cracks the intruder can use to gain entry.
  • Sliding glass doors are always a weak link that needs attention. Slide sticks work well.
  • Alarm stickers on the windows again are a powerful deterrent.

3.What we can do on the inside of our homes.

  • Draw the curtains so as to not allow an intruder to know if you are home or not.
  • Leave a radio or TV on while you are away. Intruders don’t like to guess.
  • Buy a Dog! More as a deterrent than for protection.
  • Keep valuables’ out of sight from windows and entry ways.

4. Last but not least, no home security is complete without a monitored alarm system.

  • Over 80% of homes don’t have a security system. Burglars like those odds.
  • When you are home the perimeter is secure.
  • When you are away both the interior and perimeter are protected
  • Look for a system that has a smoke detector included
  •  Its not a bad Idea to have a remote with a panic button on it.

I hope these ideas are helpful. Its always a good Idea to think of how you would break into your own home if you locked yourself out. If you can find a way, then you know a professional can too.

   JP Jones

 Security Consultant
Atlas Security