One of our own employees was approached by a door-to-door national alarm salesman this evening.
Please be careful with these guys. They are NOT with an advertising company. They are not there to “upgrade your system” or give you a “free system” in exchange for putting a sign in your yard. They are there to take over your alarm system or install a new one with inferior equipment.

They use very high-pressure tactics and they should be avoided! Don’t trust your home security to them!

If a salesman from another security company comes to your door, there are things you should do:

Do not allow them in your home. If you decide that what they are offering may be something you want to learn more about, make an appointment to have them come back at a later date. .

Ask to see their local door-to-door sales permit. Most communities require that companies selling door-to-door register with the local municipality and obtain a permit.

In many cases, the salesperson will make you “think” they are the same person that sold you your system in the past.  They may even call you by name. The likelihood is they are not the same person and may have gotten your name from a neighbor or even your mailbox.

If you do let them into your home, listen for things that just don’t sound right. You may hear statements like:
“We bought your old alarm company”
“If you don’t let us do this upgrade now, your alarm will no longer work”
“Your old company has gone out of business”
“We are changing our monitoring company”
“We are authorized to offer you a system upgrade”

While these are some of our favorites, there are others and quite simply, these statements just aren’t true. Be very suspicious of ANYONE who “coaches” you on what to say during a welcome call or a call you may receive from us. These are all really good indications that something just isn’t right.

Most importantly, DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING.  Call us at (417) 831-2866.

There is nothing they can do that we can’t do and honestly, wouldn’t you rather stay with the company you come to trust?