We are pleased to announce that Atlas Security has entered into a partnership agreement with Avantguard Monitoring to use their hybrid monitoring solution.  This gives our Central Station the freedom of a cloud-based monitoring platform combined with the robust capabilities and redundancy of Avantguard’s professional monitoring systems.  This upgrade bolsters our existing monitoring services with Avantguard’s technology and advanced automation software and it will revolutionize our monitoring platform, making it more efficient than ever before.  It enables us to tap into an existing hot redundancy and failover infrastructure, ensuring uninterrupted monitoring for our customers in the event of power outages, weather-related or technical disasters that possibly could affect our building.  It will improve our operator efficiency, making our jobs easier and vastly improving our customer’s experience by offering the very best and latest monitoring technology available today.

More information will be coming in the next few weeks about the new features and benefits that this partnership will allow us to offer to our customers.  Rest assured, you are being monitored as always, 24/7, and we’re confident this will only improve our capabilities to continue to provide the very best monitoring services available for our customers.