40 Miles South of Jefferson City, MO– February 13, 2013

The crew of four black males, 40-50 years old, who JSA reported in an Email Alert on January 24, 2013 were visiting jewelry stores in Missouri and Oklahoma, have been spotted again this afternoon in a retail jewelry chain store in a small town 40 miles South of Jefferson City, MO. They are suspected of slitting open the silicone seal of a showcase, lifting the glass, and removing jewelry merchandise at a store in Tulsa, OK on Tuesday, January 22, 2013, and attempted a similar cutting in a store in Edmond, OK on the same day. The crew was seen driving away in a dark red Dodge Caravan with PA plates. In past cases two of the crew members will enter a store, and have been seen carrying duffel bags or sacks. One or more of the crew have an earpiece in their ear, and are talking on cell phones. They have asked for bridal goods and then moved to look at high-end watches. One suspect is described as having a full, pointy beard. When shown an alarm pad in one store, the crew fled the store. The crew is also being looked at regarding prior case-slitting incidents throughout the United States.

If these individuals visit your store, or if you spot these individuals, please contact the JSA at once at 800-537-0067 or jsa2@jewelerssecurity.org.