by Jay Scherder, KY3 Newsjscherder@ky3.com


SPRINGFIELD, Mo — A robo-call is making the rounds in the Ozarks. It claims to be from Great Southern Bank. However, it is a scam.

The robo-call states, “Hello, this is an official notification from Great Southern Bank informing you that Mastercard has been deactivated for security reasons. To reactivate, please press 1 now.”

Great Southern Bank started receiving calls from concerned customers over the weekend all wondering if their accounts were indeed deactivated.

The calls were coming from a rather odd number–227-953-70. It isn’t a valid number at all.

While the bank says most people did realize it was a scam, there were a handful who gave out their account information.

“If they should happen to receive one of these calls or any other type of a call requesting personal information, because again we do not contact our customers in that manner to request that information, we request they immediately hang up, do not provide any personal information,” said Great Southern Bank Operation Officer Mark Maples.