We have had our Atlas Security system since September 2004. The customer service, the high quality equipment and always updated technology are some of the reasons I will never be without one. The peace of mind that my house is monitored for burglary and fire is priceless.

We added a security camera two years ago and caught someone vandalizing one of our cars on it. The vandal agreed to pay for the damages after they learned they were caught on camera.

One of the best additions to our house is without a doubt our Atlas Security system.


Jason & Catrina Horned

Home Owners

Atlas Security has provided my family the assurance that every homeowner expects.  Not only the protection of our home, but the peace of mind in knowing that everything will be “OK”.

We chose Atlas Security, because they understand their customers, we are not just another phone number or street address.  Atlas Security takes the time to ask questions, listen to suggestion, and improve their services.

Josh Wanner

Home Owner

It is so reassuring to know that there is a local business that I can trust not only to protect my family and my home but also my employees and businesses.  As a mother of two and owner of two businesses my time is very valuable.  Atlas has enabled me to virtually login to view my businesses at anytime, anywhere. I truly appreciate the time Atlas took to find the best system that was most accommodating to my needs.

Meghan Chambers

Staxx & Jellybeans

“We have personally used Atlas Security now in two homes for close to 14 years. We have always relied on a reliable security system as we had a young child for many years which has been our first priority to protect. Atlas has provided our family a sense of comfort and their service has always been exceptional. In fact, when we had a recent potential break-in, their Customer Service team stayed on the phone with us until the police arrived. Anytime we had a concern, it was addressed immediately and taken care of. The cost of protecting our family is priceless. Our family comes first and we cannot imagine not having the comfort of security in my home that Atlas provides.”   Darold Sauber and Angela Stephens-Sauber

Darold and Angela Stephens-Sauber

Home Owners


We have been with Atlas for more than thirty years.  Their pricing, service, and professionalism makes them the only choice for our security needs.  We also appreciate that Atlas is a locally owned and operated business.


Shawn Gott

S.T.D. Flea Market

We are very happy with Atlas! The installer was very friendly and did a great job installing our system.

A few weeks after installation we had an issue with our alarm sounder and they promptly fixed the problem at no charge.

In the few times we have had an alarm, Atlas was extremely thorough in communicating quickly and efficiently, and I have no doubt that in an emergency they will take care of us!

Nichole Valentine

Home Owners

We have been a commercial customer for about 2 years now and Atlas has met and exceeded our expectations. The equipment is top of the line and their customer service is top notch. I would highly recommend Atlas.

Aaron Layer

Business Owner

We’ve had a great experience with Atlas Security. Jon Taylor is extremely knowledgeable about their products and services and made sure that the system was designed to suit our needs. The installation process was smooth and they made sure that we had a good understanding of the system and the phone app. We are looking forward to being long-term customers.

Joey Sands

Home Owner

We use Atlas personally and through our businesses. They are always professional, dependable and knowledgeable. The other day our system went down and they sent a repairman out and had us up and going before close. I highly recommend Atlas and love that they are local.

Trina Banner

Home Owner

A couple of months ago we decided to update our security system and contract to have it monitored. I had experience with Atlas Security years ago and knew they would take care of us. What I didn’t know is that 6 weeks later that same system and service would pay for itself a hundred times over.

After getting the kids ready for the day, I loaded the dishwasher, pressed start and headed out the door to take them to school. After dropping them off, I ran to my mobile office, a local coffee shop. Within 5 minutes of sitting down I received an fire alarm alert on my phone and a call from the Atlas Alarm Control Center. I told them I was not at home but please send the fire department.

I started my high anxiety trip home. We never had a false alarm and the equipment was highly reliable. I was confident there was a problem. Within 5 minutes, a second alert went off on my phone notifying me of a second smoke detector had triggered. I knew at this point that there was a fire, I just wasn’t sure how bad it was going to be when I arrived home. As I pulled into the driveway, I didn’t see flames but the fire department was there and heading to the door. As we walked to the door you could smell the smoke, but still no fire. Inside, the house was filled with thick black smoke and the dishwasher was on fire. It was a small fire, but only because it was caught in time. The Nixa fire department said, without a doubt, that the security system and service saved our home. Just a few more minutes would have changed that situation.

Simply put, Without the system and monitoring, no one would have noticed the fire until the whole structure was involved. I am so happy we made the choice to go with Atlas Security Service. The local monitoring likely saved us years of memories and months of rebuilding. Thank You!

Jason Barnhouse

Home Owners

I have been a commercial and residential customer for 10 years now. I have a very professional experience during building projects, etc. I love that they are locally owned and have integrity as a core value. They are always prompt and courteous when dealing with false alarms. They did install a waterbug sensor in my office in case of water leaks. Well, that got put to the test on an accidental flood in our office that set off the alarms bringing the leak to our attention. It literally saved 1000’s of potential damage dollars from a 300 gallon system leaking in to our service area. What a great idea that I didn’t even know existed. Highly recommend. Sam Blaine has been a blessing to work with.

Dwight Amstutz

Home Owner